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“Supernatural” Follows Two Monster Hunting Brothers and the Search For Their Father

“Supernatural” is a good show. “Supernatural” is about two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester. It starts off with Sam and Dean fighting about hunting, and not normal hunting. It is supernatural hunting where there are ghosts, demons, Bloody Mary, vampires, legends, and stuff like that. The show starts off with them looking for their dad John Winchester. 

John Winchester is the father of Sam and Dean. John was married to Mary Winchester who introduced them to hunting by accident. John went missing while trying to track down a supernatural being. We don’t know much about him until later seasons.

Dean Winchester, the eldest sibling of the Winchester family, is dad’s favorite, or at least that is what his brother Sam says. Dean is the skilled hunter trained by his dad but he also learned not to get too close or else your friends or family could be used as weapons against you. 

Sam, the younger brother, wanted a normal life with no supernatural beings, but there is no escape from this life.

“Supernatural” is all about paranormal stuff and superstitions. Sometimes there are multiple evil beings such as the Yellow Eyed Demon, Lucifer, and so many more.

Currently the show has 15 seasons and no plans for a 16th.

“Supernatural” is available to stream on Netflix.

TV Rating: TV-14