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Student Artist at EHS: Senior Charlie Sepkovic

Elmira High School senior Charlie Sepkovic loves to push the boundaries of what is considered “art” or even “good art.” 

Sepkovic creates art through ceramics and in music.

The senior is mostly self-taught, apart from his ceramic skill, in which he was taught by EHS art teacher Tom Edmundson.

“I’ve been playing clarinet for 3 years, and bass and baritone for less than a year,” Sepkovic told Falcon News.

Sepkovic has been creating art for all his life, but only started ceramics once he joined high school. 

Edmundson admires Sepkovic and his art.

“I know that Charlie is an amazing artist,” the art teacher said. “I admire that they have their own vision and doesn’t really copy or borrow from other art styles.”

Music and people Sepkovic loves inspire him to create art.

Sepkovic favorite artist is Andres Serrano because.

“Andres Serrano is my favorite artist and his piece Immersion (Piss Christ) is my favorite piece of art” Sepkovic said. 

“Serrano is a transgressive artist, which means his motivation is to upset the status quo and poke at social norms,” the senior explains. “As a transgender man I recognize that [in order to] achieve an egalitarian (socially equal) society we have to constantly upset the pecking order.”

Sepkovic’s favorite medium is clay. 

“When you work with clay, you’re always working with a partner,” the artist described. “It’s a terrible partner. Clay is the worst partner you could ask for, but if you’re patient and you swallow your pride — the clay never has to swallow its pride — you can make something beautiful.” 

“I like that at the end I’ve made something that I can hold and rub my hands over, feel the texture I put on purpose and from fingerprints I missed,” Sepkovic said. “The traces of me and my intentions will be on that piece forever unless something happens to it. It’s the perfect time capsule of my artistic intention.”

The senior has advice for new artists.

“Nothing is ever going to look how you want it. Take it easy, take breaks, and quit while you’re ahead.”