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Meet Our Team

2022-23 Falcon News Staff

Editor in chief: JT Myers

Assistant editors: Emili McCall

Website editors: Shelby Sheppeard and Piper Summers

Social media editors/publicists: Lea Baldree, Michael Brown, Wayde Walton

Advertising managers: Kelsey Hemple and Alivia Tupper

Reporters: Lea Baldree, Shanie Bradburn, JD Coleman, Kyler Colwell, Gillian Gladwell, Alex Glenzer, Hannah Gwosc, Addy Henson, Chase Kaminski,
Mike Raz, Tryston Rogers, Ariel Stafflund, Tobias Thompson, Wayde Walton, Bella Webster

Photographers: Lea Baldree, Ruby Bowditch, Shanie Bradburn, Michael Brown, JD Coleman, Gillian Gladwell, Alex Glenzer, Chase Kaminski, Emili McCall, April Ream, Shelby Sheppeard, Ariel Stafflund, Piper Summers, Alivia Tupper, Bella Webster

Videographers: Alex Glenzer, Emili McCall, Tobias Thompson, Bella Webster

Columnists: Ruby Bowditch, Mike Raz, April Ream, Ariel Stafflund

Illustrators: Alivia Tupper, Bella Webster