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The Axis of Anime: ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’

“Kuroko’s Basketball” is about the Generation of Miracles and Seirin. The Generation of Miracles are 6 players who have different talents. In middle school they went to Takeo.

There was Akashi, the captain who has an emperor eye and can fool people instantly and can see the other opponents moves as clear as day. Aomine is their star shooter. He is the one who makes the baskets and most of the time he is their ace.

Kise’s special talent is seeing a move get done once and copying it. Midorima specializes in shooting all around the court, mainly 3 pointers. Murasakibara doesn’t really specialize in any skills. He is 6’10” and the one who defends and get rebounds.

Finally, there is Kuroko. He has a lack of presence and he is terrible at shooting. With his lack of presence, no one can see him, so he misdirects the ball and steals the ball from the opponent.

The Generation of Miracles went their own way. Kuroko went to Seirin where he met his new ‘light’ Taiga Kagami and with those two nobody can beat them.

“Kuroko’s Basketball” is an exciting anime series you can find on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

TV Rating: TV-14

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