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Magnificence of Machine G: Bane of The King [Godzilla]

From an alternate timeline manga of the Heisei Godzilla series, Machine G is easily one of the most diverse Mechagodzilla designs; only beaten out by the scrapped Heisei Mechagodzillas and the first Mechagodzilla in MoMG to originate from manga/comics. You can pick him out of a crowd because of his unique design.

G-Team’s Trump Card

(Some of the scaling for Machine G is also somewhat applied to Heisei Mechagodzilla)

In the context of the Kodansha manga “Godzilla: King Of The Monsters”, the manga is set in an alternate timeline of the Heisei Godzilla series, where the events change into “Godzilla Vs Mothra” and connects/lines up with the Showa timeline. We can then scale off of both Showa and Heisei, although we would be able to regardless.

To start with, Godzilla’s cells have survived going through a black hole, a place where matter is compressed infinitely, and where space and time does not exist (4D without anything else). King Ghidorah 3, who is stronger than the suggested other 2 KGs (fights the post-GVM Godzilla), Neo-Gigan and Neo Biollante, all stronger than their original Heisei/Showa counterpart. All these kaiju Godzilla has defeated with little to high effort, but one he nearly couldn’t, King Godzilla.

King Godzilla is the final opponent of Godzilla; sent by the recurring antagonist, Mad Oniyama. He was able to prove himself, defeating Godzilla effortlessly. Though Godzilla was unable to defeat him, G-Teams finest asset yet, Machine G, would not go down so easily. He is able to stomp King Godzilla while in base, though has some trouble once King Godzilla reveals his Neo Biollante head. He is still able to tank his attacks and hold his own before going down.

Machine G is far stronger than Godzilla, who has beaten Neo Gigan, a stronger version of the Showa Gigan. Gigan has been stated to be far stronger than Biollante, who’s cells survived a black hole. I already explained how matter is compressed to an infinitely small point at it’s singularity, which would be infinite power. Showa Gigan, Mechagodzilla, and King Ghidorah have been compared to Zone Fighter, who has defeated 4th dimensional Terror Beasts before; meaning at a minimum, these 3 Showa kaiju would be around 5D (infinite 4D power = 5D), or low complex multiverse level. Machine G and King Godzilla are both stronger than these 3, so they are both 4 to 5-dimensional.

Machine G also has a small amount of weapons including finger missiles, similar to the Showa MG, a set of wings, and Maser cannons he can switch out his hands for, to name a few.

An Underrated Gem (In His Forehead)

Machine G is an oddly underrated Mechagodzilla with one of the most unique Mechagodzilla designs. Heisei Mechagodzilla, as a whole, is a very unique genre of his own. Machine G is not only no exception, he is the example itself.

His name either stands for Machine Godzilla or is representative of his creators, G-Team, which is likely supposed to mean Godzilla-Team. Machine G has a similar body type to the GVMG2 Mechagodzilla, with a notably buff look with a special armor, head to toe. There are more different features such as a canine-ish head with a large spike coming from the back and black armor on parts of his body as opposed to a diamond synthetic one on all parts. With what is in his forehead, he is a literal gem of a Mechagodzilla. Machine G emphasizes the gritty and violent revitalization of the Kaiju in the manga, even more so than Mechagodzilla 3, by being a lot more serious than other version.

Machine G, Machine G, Machi- (Epilogue)

People say Kiryu is the best design for Mechagodzilla. I say Showa is tied with Monsterverse, some will even say some other obscure MG, like Robogodzilla or Kiryu Eva-01, but one that is certainly underrated to all oblivion when it comes to design. He’s not the best of all Mechagodzillas, but one of the greats, one of the best, among the best.