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Student Artist at EHS: Fernanda Valle

EHS ninth-grader Fernanda Valle finds inspiration for her art in music, nature, books, family and friends. (Courtesy photo)
Artwork by Fernanda Valle. (Courtesy photo)

Fernanda Valle, a ninth-grade student artist at Elmira High School, has been drawing for as long as she can remember.

“I have always used drawing as a way to escape from reality and place all of my emotions into something that goes farther than words,” Valle said. “For me, inspiration comes directly from my surroundings. I’m always looking and admiring things that can serve me as inspiration.

“One of my favorite and biggest forms of inspiration is music, but I also find inspiration in nature, books, family and friends.”

Valle said some of her favorite memories are from her artwork.

Artwork by Fernanda Valle. (Courtesy photo)

“I have been drawing since I can remember,” she said. “Some of my freshest and happiest memories from growing up are from me drawing and painting in my free times, and then showing all of my artwork to my grandpa, which confirms to me that it has been a long time.”

Valle said her favorite thing to draw is “a little of everything,” but if she had to choose, she would say that people’s faces and human bodies are the ones she enjoys drawing the most.

About her drawings featured in Falcon News, she said, “These are two of my favorite drawings I’ve made. I think they both represent my style of drawing in a very consistent way.”

Besides art, Valle said she enjoys “my afternoons baking and trying new recipes.”

She also enjoys painting, sewing, crocheting, reading and writing — especially poems — and this semester she joined the ceramics class.