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Student Artist at EHS: Michelle Evans

Ninth-grader Michelle Evans enjoys drawing fan art. (Photo by Kaleesha Baldree / Falcon News)

Ninth-grader Michelle Evans says she started to draw because she grew a passion for fan art in about 2016 and wanted to post them online.

Saegome is a Japanese artist who has drawn Len Kagamie, a vocaloid.

Evans’ favorite thing to draw is her original characters and scenery along with pictures. She has been drawing for five years. She draws characters, scenery, and abstract pictures.

Other creative things she does is write obsessively about dark scenes and sometimes passionately about goals or messages she wants others to hear. The thing about her drawing is that it’s nothing specific. She just draws how she feels at the moment.

“I’m someone who just wants hugs and to be a huge cat lady in my 30s,” she said. “Also, seeing Kaleesha so professional is sweet. I love that she cares about her class.” 

Evans included the following image for a reason: “That drawing is my heart and soul — beauty explained in one picture. Who needs a large canvas when you have a notebook and a little stick demon?”

Artwork by ninth-grader Michelle Evans.